Monday, 4 May 2015

How to play GTA5 with minimum stutter on a low end pc.

It’s finally here. GTA 5 on PC! . PC gamer have desperately waited for this moment for quite some time now. The wait was worth it as Rockstar have really optimized the game to run on almost any modest PC. Say you got your hands on the game but don’t have gaming PCwith monster specs and the gaming experience is not that smooth. This blog will help you get that extra fps. I was able to obtain a max of 32 fps on my PC. The blog is written considering a Nvidia graphic card, though 'similar' steps can be followed for an ATI card.

 My PC specs are as follows
Intel core 2duo e7500 @ 2.93GHz
Zotac Nvidia GT 630 2GB DDR3 ZONE EDITION.
WIN 7 64bit.
If you have more memory (RAM) and a better CPU, the results will impressive.The first thing to get max performance is optimization, freeing up system resources and then provide efficient hardware cooling.

Optimization and freeing up resources: 


The first step in optimization process it to make sure your graphic drivers are up to date. Before updating, uninstall the previous version of the driver completely.

For this,

  • Boot into safe mode (Hit F8 before you see the windows logo on booting up your PC. It’s that easy). Then uninstall the driver from the control panel and reboot you PC.
  • Wait for windows to finish the ‘display driver’ installation. When prompted, restart windows and then (ONLY THEN) install the latest drivers.
Nvidia GeforceExperience is an excellent tool to get the optimal settings for a game, but we will optimize all the setting manually so uninstalling this utility will free up some more resources. So, while installing the latest drivers, choose ‘Advanced’ and then remove all other components. After the installation is complete, restart your PC.

One more step before you double click ‘GTA-5.exe’(or 3DMlauncher.exe ).
Right click on the desktop and open ‘Nvidia Contol Panel’.
Select ‘Manage 3D settings’ and under the ‘Program Settings’ tab, select ‘GTA5.exe’ in the drop down menu and apply the following settings shown in the screenshot below.


After making changes, hit on save. Now open ‘Adjust the appearance and performance of windows’ (where to find this? Use windows search.), and select ‘Adjust for best performance’ under the visual effects tab.

Some more tips.
Disabling some of the windows services:
Go  to start> type ‘run’> type ‘services.msc’> disable all the unwanted services
Killing background applications that are not required  from the task manager.

Over the years, your CPU and GPU will have sucked in a lot of dust, reducing the heat radiating capacity. For better cooling,

  • Clean the CPU and GPU heatsink and fan.
  • Change the CPU thermal paste.  
 These steps will definitely help you have a better GTA 5 experience.
If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free comment in the comments section below.


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