Sunday, 1 December 2013

Why samsung galaxy s duos will never get an official jelly bean update

      Yes,you read it right .Though this is not official ,below are the reasons that point that samsung will not update its younger cousin of the flagship 's' line up -the  s duos to jelly bean .

     S duos was announced in august 2012 and was expected to be a performer .But as they say 'Expectation leads to frustration' ,the device was laggy and underperformed .But everyone hoped that it will soon be updated to jelly bean 4.1. Samsung announced a list of devices that it will be updating and s duos was in that list . 
         But now its dec  2013 and there is no official wording on any 'jelly bean' and  samsung has announced the next duos -'' S duos 2'!!
This is a clear indication that s duos  users( including me ) are stuck with ICS and have to depend upon custom ROMs to get a taste of jelly bean. When S duos wan announced, it was launced in India @ a price of about 15k INR and now its available at a price of about 9k INR .This makes it clear that samsung want to sell out the device and leave its users in the darkness .
 But lets just hope that samsung 'might' provide an update ,else we have the option of rooting and installing custom ROMs.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013





      This blog is for those of you who are tired of going through all the reviews and comparisons and still thinking -' which one to pic?'. But if u still want to go through the specs ,u go to the links given at the end of this blog.

Both the ninja and s duos have a similar design ,but s duos fells better in the hand an feels solidly built . Ninja on the other hand feels plastiky and cheap. Coming to the display ,the ninja's display with the same resolution comes no close to the crisp display of galaxy s duos. The touch response of s duos feels more fluidic  .Both the phones have an average readability in sunlight. The UI of ninja is  stock android .S duos runs on the 'touch wiz' skin seen on  other samsung devices . This makes the device slow on multitasking . Ninja has an upper hand over s duos because of its stock interface and it feels very fast. The camera of  s duos performs well in well light conditions whereas the pictures taken on ninja were grainy and the colors felt washed out.In dark conditions s duos performs better because of the presence of the LED flash . The video quality on s duos is good and that of ninja  is poor. When it comes to performance , ninja equipped with a dual core processor performs surprisingly fast .S duos lags on multitasking. The music quality on s duos is the best . Not only does the music sound crisp and clear ,but also the wide variety of equaliser options are a boon. The virtual 7.1 feature is a big USP of the device.Music on ninja lacks bass and the stock headphones provided are of poor quality.

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