Monday, 1 September 2014

How fix 'missing PSpice menu' in Capture Student (OrCad Capture 9.1)

SPICE (Simulated Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) is a  software that can be used to  simulate different circuits and can be used to perform various analysis of electrical and electronic circuits including time domain response, small signal frequency response, total power dissipation, determination of nodal voltages and branch current in a circuit, transient analysis, determination of operating point of transistors, etc. You will most likely use it if you are a geek or you need to as it is part of you school or college curriculum. The software is easy to install and easy to use, users on Windows 7 and 8 might run into compatibility issues and the 'Pspice menu' might be missing, not letting you to 'run'  and analyse the circuit. In this blog ,I will show you some of the ways of getting these problems fixed in some easy steps. I have assumed that you have installed PSpice (OrCad ver9.1).

Fix 1:
  •  Right click on the 'capture student' icon, then go to the 'compatibility tab'.
  • Check the 'Run this ...for' Check Box and select 'Windows2000' from the drop down list.
  • Check the  'Run this program as administrator' Check Box.
  • Hit on 'Apply' and then 'Ok'.
  • Run the program.
      This should fix the problem, if not try changing the compatibility mode to 'Win Xp SP1'.


        Fix 2:Please note that this fix will work only if all the steps mentioned in Fix 1 is applied. 

  • Open  the 'Capture Student' application.  
  • Now go to file>open>project.
  • Then navigate to the 'example.opj' project file located in the 'Examples'  folder in C*:\Program Files\OrCAD_Demo\PSpice\Capture_Samples\Anasim.
  • Now check whether the Pspice menu is present.
  • If yes, save the project and create a new project  before closing the example project.
  • The new project should have all the problems fixed.


Did this fix help you or do you have a better fix ?.Feel free to comment and share.


  1. i am using orcad 16 but in the gerber tool i coudnt find tool bar, manu bar and other to fix??? please ans me fast..

  2. i am using orcad 16 but in the gerber tool i coudnt find tool bar, manu bar and other to fix??? please ans me fast..

  3. man i love u for helping me. u will find peace and happiness in this life

  4. Worked like magic on Orcad 9.2. Thanks bunches :) :)

  5. Right click .dsn file --> change project type --> make sure its Pspice Analog or mixed A/D. Worked on Orcad 17.2

  6. Well View --> Toolbars --> Reset worked for me

  7. Sir,i have a problem regarding to orcad capture,iam able to open the .opj file from, but the simulation profiles that i have saved are not working showing an ERROR(ORCAP-15039):cannot find the profile to edit. please tell me something to retrieve this