Friday, 31 January 2014

       THE NEXT BIG THING -'YOU'   The next generation of cool gadgets are here and they are  definitely

'Wearable tech:function with style'



At CES this year ,the buzz was all about pixels and next form factor of our daily drivers.Watches,glasses  bracelets and clothes are the things that most of us use daily and we wish that they could be more.More?yes ! ,imagine your watch being able to adjust your car temperature on a hot summer day before you hop in or a glass giving you turn by turn navigation (This is very real now). Wearable technology (also called wearable gadgets) is a category of smart devices that can be worn by a consumer and often include tracking information related to health and fitness. Other wearable tech gadgets include devices that have small motion sensors to take photos and sync with your  mobile devices.The field of wearable tech is an outcome of  'wearable computing'.Wearable computing is the study or practice of inventing, designing, building, or using miniature body-borne computational and sensory device.Seems like every major company is in a rat race for the next big thing. Just a google search of this topic will give us an insight into the pace at which the  tech  industry is competing .But it is clear that the the next big thing is  'YOU' .Soon our virtual and real worlds would be merged into a Smart world ( optimistic point of view) using augmented reality and smart material science. This video in the link Top 5 Wearable Tech! (Early 2014) :MKBHD should  give a small picture into the current scenario of this trend.

While the devices are undoubtedly conversation starters, and the look may be coveted in some circles, for the most part wearable technology has a fashion problem.But some are finally trying to break out of the gadget world and into the fashion world.The technology inside these devices is moving ahead while the design side stagnates. Sensors are getting smaller, cheaper and more advanced. It's possible that the technology will become so advanced that trackers could bypass the design problem altogether by shrinking down electronic elements enough that they can be invisibly embedded in regular clothing, hats, shoes and belts.For the most part, wearables offer a limited selection of the features already available on smartphones. The idea is to save people from the distracting task of pulling out a phone, looking at it, tapping on it and returning it safely to a pocket.
As for anything that is new there will always be people who hate or love this concept. But one thing is very clear that we cannot just ignore them.


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